Our Services

Individual Therapy is a unique opportunity for you to explore areas where you are struggling no matter how large or how small they may seem.

Therapy is always undertaken with your best interests at heart.

You might be struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, trauma or relationship issues and realise that it now time to seek help.

Alternatively you might feel stuck in your job, career education and are looking for space to look at your life goals and trying to identify what is standing in your way of progression

One to one therapy gives you regular time to think and talk about what is blocking you from living a happier and fuller life

Throughout the therapeutic process you will quickly learn more about yourself and how your mind and body works and the relationship between your beliefs and thoughts and how you feel and behave . together you will discover a new healthier way of coping and letting go of past experiences which will enable you to move on with your life