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We are a small Psychotherapy and Counselling service founded by 3 like-minded therapists that have studied and worked together since 2016.

If you would like to address what matters in your life with an experienced, understanding and empathetic professional you have come to the right place.

We hold the core beliefs that what matters most in counselling is the warm empathetic relational space that the counsellor creates when working with clients.

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We are integrative therapists which simply means that we use a combination of different theories and methods including Humanistic, Existential therapy, Choice Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

We provide individual therapy, couples relationship therapy, adolescent therapy, Stress management therapy and Employee Assistance Programmes for small to medium sized enterprises.

Throughout your time working with us you will be supported in exploring what matters most to you. We will work with you to help shift negative ways of thinking and behaviour, helping you move towards a way of being that feels authentic and satisfies your individual needs.

To meet recent demand we  also provide on line and telephone counselling should you be more comfortable working  with us in  that way.

If you are apprehensive about trying on line counselling  you will find it is very effective once you find the right therapist.

We will provide you with tips to get the most of your on line therapy session and we  are also happy to provide a hybrid approach to therapy where you can access some sessions on line and some sessions face to face.

But please be assured that that We are careful to observe all relevant Covid 19 guidelines. Our large and well ventilated rooms afford ample social distancing space.


Please be assured that that we are careful to observe all relevant Covid 19 guidelines. Our large and well ventilated rooms afford ample social distancing space.

We do not maintain long waiting lists at our centre.  If we are not in a position to work with you within your preferred time frame we will offer to refer you to another  therapists and centres that we  collaborate with

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Kilcoole Counselling Services

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